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Robert Albert Fraid (1912-1958)

Born on September 10th, 1912 to Joseph & Edna Fraid of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Robert Albert Fraid had a somewhat usual life.  His mother was a stay at home mom, while his father spent most of his life away from home working.

Robert went on to graduate school and work for the neighbours farm for many years before he met his late wife Mary Susan Fraid (Robertson).  On February 23rd, 1943 their first child Sarah Rachel Fraid was born.

Their somewhat average life was going well until the unthinkable happened.

It was on the night of March 14th, 1947, a Friday that will live on to be one of the darkest moments in Robert’s life.  He was sitting at home that evening waiting for his previous wife Jane to come home from visiting with her family when that never happened.  Due home at 10:00 PM, by 11:00 he began to worry. It wasn’t like Jane to be late. Not hearing from her by midnight he set out to see where she was, headed back the same way she would of been travelling to her parents house.  Upon arriving he learned that she and Sarah had left around 9:30. This news immediately gave him an unsettling feeling and sent chills down his spine. Maybe he missed something on his way there and set back to retrace his path back to their house.  On the way he saw something on the side of the road. It was Sarah’s favourite doll sitting there, and on the left side was what appeared to be a few spots of blood. This couldn’t be happening.

What happened to Jane and Sarah is still a mystery to this day as they have never been found.

Robert’s move to Nova Scotia was his attempt to escape his past but when he met Mary all these feelings came rushing back.  He wanted to do something to make a difference and working on the rail line didn’t have that feeling he wanted. All he could think about was his sons love for toys in those early years of his life and felt that he should start a business in Kentville to make toys.  You see there wasn’t an industry of toy manufacturing in Nova Scotia and with the increase of families it seemed like a money making idea. His excitement for this venture lead him to talk about the idea to others he knew in Kentville. He then met a few other soon to be partners who had manufacturing experience (their names were not able to be located in any research at the time of this article).

This is what lead up to the creation of B.A.Fraid Toy Factory - (April 25th, 1952).

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